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Friday, October 15, 2010

Get some SUN...or take this superb Vit D supp

So, we've all heard the news that Vitamin D3 is good for you and that perhaps we should all try to get at least 10-20 minutes of unprotected sun each day.  Vitamin D3 aids in thyroid function, metabolism, weight stability, mood, etc.  It also is said to aid in some types of cancer prevention.  I am hypothyroid and definitely believe in Vit D supplementation, even though I live in Southern California.  I have tried so many Vit D supps that I could write a book on them.  The BEST Vit D supplement is from Carlson Labs ( www.carlsonlabs.com ) and you can buy 360 softgels  that provide 2000 IU each for only $14.69 at Amazon.  Carlson makes the best Vit D supps because they are softgels, making them easily assimilated by your body and has higher bioavailability, they are inexpensive, easy to swallow, easy to purchase online and they contain NO SOY.  You will notice that most Vit D supps and most vitamins in general contain SOY.  More on soy later, but soy is currently way over-utilized in the food and supp industries and is not in its natural and healthier form, but in a "franken-soy" processed form.  "Franken-soy" is a phytoestrogen and acts like estrogen in our bodies, therefore disrupting the natural chemical bonds of our own hormones and endocrine systems.  This can promote hormone-driven cancers, like breast cancer.
Babycare tip: You can also buy Carlson Vit D liquid drops for babies at 400 IU per drop for only $14.83 and it lasts for an entire year!

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