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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who knew Coconut Oil could be so interesting?

Coconut oil is GREAT and if you don't believe me, you can read all about it in the book "Eat Fat, Lose Fat" by Enig and Fallon.  This book is fantastic, even if you don't want to lose weight.  To sum it up, coconut oil can and should be used for high heat cooking (in lieu of olive oil in many cases, as olive oil goes rancid at high temperatures), on your skin to moisturize or soothe aching muscles, as salad dressing (mixed with olive oil and sesame seed oil - Mary's Oil Blend), as an anti-fungal, and to lose weight! Okay, the losing weight part sounds fantastical, but because coconut oil is a medium-chain fatty acid or MCFA, it takes your body a whole lot more energy to utilize than the energy or calories that coconut oil actually contains. 
Now the key is to buy the right coconut oil.  I have tried at least 4 different brands and all are amazingly distinct.  First off, you must buy unrefined, virgin, organic coconut oil to receive all of the above-mentioned benefits.  Secondly, do NOT buy the Spectrum brand.  It is crumbly, doesn't melt easily and tastes horrible.  The best brand you can buy in-store (Wholefoods) is Nutiva.  It tastes great, spreads easily on your skin and it is easy to find.  What brand do I use?  I buy mine online at www.tropicaltraditions.com .  It is the Tropical Traditions brand that is the purest, best-tasting and best bought in-bulk quantities.  You will notice there are different types of Tropical Traditions coconut oil to purchase, but the best one I've tried is the Gold Label one. 
Bodycare tip: coconut oil will be solid at room temperature and will melt above approximately 75 degrees.  When solid, spoon out a tablespoon of coconut oil from the jar and rub it between your hands - it will melt instantly.  Spread the oil all over your skin, including hair and face and then take a shower or bath.  You will not need to put on body lotion after your shower or bath!

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